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About us

About us

Fouder and Creative director Chiaki has graduated from Nihon art university and joined advertising agency as copywriter and CM planner. After she got the prestigeous New Commer award of Tokyo copywirter’ s club, she joined Orange & Partners, a creative boutique. As she grew in her career in advertising, she realized that her desire and passion was toward supporting prodcuts that were more beneficial for society.

Around this time, she met her partner, Vik, who shared a similar view. While they started to support animal refugee associations, Chiaki experienced that “ We can get the real happiness only when we give” . She decided to produce her own brand that is both fansionable and ethical so people can have cruelty free choices in their fashion decisions.

Chiaki and Vik set up “VEGANIE” in 2013 that has a basic principle “ No cruelty for humans and animals” .
They cooperate with ethical or fairtrade brands to support their marketing and produce their own original products simultaneously.