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One piece for One peace Project

To send a handful of peace from a hand made One-piece

One piece for One peace project

“ How about making a product which stands for our concept, One piece for One peace? For instance, we can make the one-piece dress and devote some part of sales profit to society.” I asked my friends and they said “Sounds nice! ”
“One piece for One peace project” started with a play of words that came into my copy writers brain when I was thinking how to phrase the objective of my business.

This project aims to produce one piece dresses with NGOs who have a principle to empower people and donate some percentage of sales profit to organizations which supports women or children.
The point is that is to make a profit with this process, not do it as a charity.

We decided to start producing one piece dresses with one fair trade organization “Sasha handicrafts” in Calcutta, India. My family knew of the activities of Sasha so we visited them and were kindly welcomed to their office. Sasha, it is a founder member of WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization).

One piece for One peace project

I will write about Calcutta city in more detail later, to give you a quick idea, I will now just write about my initial impressions. Soon after travelling in the city for a while, I felt that this city seems to be a bit slower for its development compared with other main city like Delhi or Mumbai especially when I think about the rapid growth in India now. In some parts of the city center the road is not paved asphalt. There are lots of people in Kolkata and the narrow roads and side streets are always filled with people buying and selling things, making things or eating. It looks chaotic but the local people seem to be enjoying themselves. SASHA office is just behind the narrow complex street in such a city.

The cotton used to make our one-piece is fair trade and organic which is grown in India and selected by SASHA. They dye the cotton and mainly stitch it at their office in Calcutta.

One piece for One peace project

They have a sowing room in upper floor, Approximately 30 women staff is working passionately by using their sowing machine with dexterous fingers. Once I got in that room, some women gave me a quizzical look that seemed to say “ Oh she is not Indian, maybe Chinese?”, Some women gave me such a friendly smile and say “ Namaskar, where are you from? How do you like Calcutta?”.
They remind me of people in Kansai area in Japan when I see their friendly and emotional expression, attitude.

One staff, Zainab is only in her early of 20s, managing production of many garment products. We took lots of time with her to discuss scheduling or quality control. We have to value this phase above anything else even though it sometimes brings some difficulties and communication related challenges between us.

When I think about Japan, all products in our life (Food, living, cloths) require extremely high standard with no doubt. As one dented vegetable is difficult to be sold at the supermarket, apparel products are not exceptional to this rule.
It is said that many products with a small defects are disposed. (In Japan, it is said that 40% of defected vegetables are disposed.) It is always fantastic to keep the high quality standard but this fact makes me think how we can keep our quality of sense for sustainability.

7% of the sales profit of our One- piece is donated to “Because I am a girl” of Plan Japan※. This project is aimed to offer a small “peace” which means support for daily life to people who are not fortunate to have a life with easy access to health, education and other such things that make up a peaceful and basic life.

“ One piece for One peace project” We have just began this project to send small peace to someone in this world.

※"Because I am a Girl" is Plan Japan’s global campaign that aims to support girls to get the education, skills and support their needs to transform their lives and the world around them. Plan is International non-governmental organization whose goal is reducing the poverty in developing countries.
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(Written by Chiaki)